Release Date: March 10, 2010
Recording Date: January 13, 2007
Producer: Steve “MrBiG” Pasek

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Eleven hyper-charged tracks recorded live during the Chicago Blues Tour in 2007, “the Real Guitar Hero” makes a strong case for Chainsaw Dupont‘s talent. This performance is a tour de force of guitar squeals, crunches, and twang which demonstrate exactly how exciting a Chainsaw show can be for guitar fans. It also includes a live version of a previously-unrecorded track, “Heaven Eyes” — a slow blues, a dying art that has few practitioners as skilled as Dupont. Rhythmic variations include a sturdy blues shuffle, funk-blues, blues-rock, and a mambo as well, all backed by the Chain Gang Horns, which put in an epic performance on an Albert King style cover of the Smokey Robinson Motown classic “I’ll Be Doggone”. This recording captures a show by a guitarist and a tight band at the height of their powers, shortly after completing the legendary “Street” trilogy with the release of “Ghost Kings of Beale St.“, and the set includes tracks from that record as well as from the other two CDs, “Lake St. Lullaby“, and “Bourbon St. Breakdown“, comprising a live tour through blues styles made famous in the three great cities of the blues — Chicago, New Orleans, and Memphis. This is a record with inventive, improvisational guitar licks and creative jamming that bear repeated listening, and will be a favorite of guitar fans for years to come.

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